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FEET by Karen Reflexology

FEET by Karen Reflexology

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Where Dancing meets Reflexology. Proper foot care is a must for dancers. Here’s how! Oh God, my feet are killing me! Sound familiar? How many times have you heard or said those exact words. Well you know the old saying, “when your feet hurt, everything hurts!” The truth of that lies in the definition of reflexology. Reflexology, an ancient healing art, is based on the principal that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every organ and gland in the body. Specific pressure is applied to precise reflex points activating the body’s inherent healing power. Benefits of this amazing holistic touch include the release of tension, improvement of cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation and the re-establishment of homeostasis (where the body heals itself) If you think of your feet as a well mapped stage plot for a Broadway musical called “Bodies” you will see that when you bring your feet together a picture of the human body appears. The big toe represents the head and the lateral sides of the feet reflect the shoulders, knees, and hips. It is also important to note that the curves of the feet follow the exact curves of the spine. The human foot is a choreographed masterpiece of 26 bones (the same number as there are vertebrae in the spine), 33 joints and a talented cast of 100 tendons, muscles, and nerves. Talk about a triple threat! Let’s show some applause and give it up for the talented duo that walk, run, boogie, and dance their toes off daily. “Dancing With the Stars” And here we have them! The chorus of conditions that dancers sometimes partner with…pronation strain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s toe, metatarsalgia, neuroma’s, and tendonitis are those that have made the cut. Two of the above must be recognized for outstanding performance. The winners are…first place as best partner to junior performers “Pronation Strain” and taking the gold as teachers’ choice “Metatarsalagia” “Warm Up to Warm Up” Simple self reflexology techniques can increase blood flow, warming foot and muscle temperature. This can break up deposits of toxic wastes such as lactic acid and uric acid crystals. The entire body benefits, as the foot’s range of motion improves, eliminating the risk of cramping up to over 80%. Cool downs eliminate muscle spasms, induce relaxation and restore blood pressure. The knuckle Roll Warm-Up Warm up with the Knuckle Roll. Make a fist, hold your foot with the other hand and kneed the entire foot with firm pressure from ball to heel. This warms all the major body organs and the foot arch. Cool Down with “Spinal Walking” Cool down with Spinal Walking. Following the curves of the foot walk the inside of the foot with the thumb which moves like an inch worm with smooth pressure from heel to toe. Tips for Tender Tootsies Here are some tips for tender tootsies! If you experience pain and inflammation, rub a cap full of St. John’s Wart oil with a small amount of tiger balm. Rub feet, massage in, cover with socks and sleep tight! Morning and night, ice your feet for as long as you can stand it. If you have a double sink try hot and cold water therapy for ten minutes. (30 sec’s in cold – 30 sec’s in hot)